The Turnpike Toy Museum

Now Open!
Located at: 1020 N. Main St. in Boerne, Texas

The Turnpike Toy Museum features toys such as Barbie, Smurfs, My Little Pony, Weebles, Star Wars, Star Trek, Micronauts, trains, planes, boats, cars and more. The largest collection are the diecast vehicles that are most often referred to as 1/64th scale. (Matchbox-Size). This last collection consists of over 21,000 vehicles that will be in rotating exhibits.

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Admission: $7.00 for Adults • $5.00 for Children


Thurs: 10 - 5
Fri: 10 - 5
Sat: 10 - 5
Sun: 12 - 5


1020 N. Main St.,
Boerne Texas, 78006

To view the vehicles online, visit the virtual museum.